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  • Santla Devi Mandir Marg, Village Khabadwala Post Office Ghughora , Uttarakhand, Dehradun 560037, India

Our residential treatment facility began functioning in September 2002. We started in a small way with about 10 patients initially in a rented house on the outskirts of Dehradun. Gradually the number of people coming for treatment increased. We have completed 11 years of existence and approx 1000 persons have taken admission in Nijaat.With the passage of time we have progressed and since May 2013 we have our own campus and we currently have the largest NGO run facility in North India. Our activities have increased and we currently offer following services:Day counselling for drug and alcohol dependents- for both men and women.Residential treatment facility for men dependent on drugs and alcohol.Counselling services for persons undergoing with addictive behavior such as Gambling, Sex addiction including pornography.Awareness programmes in schools, colleges, communities.