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Shah Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Services and Centre

  • Byramji Gamadia Road , Maharashtra, Mumbai , India

Shah Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Services and Centre offers Individual counselling for alcoholics or addicts, as well as group therapy and interpersonal & family therapy. Also, treatment through the 12 Step Programme of Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, Counselling & individual and group, Detoxification, Recreational and Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Modification Therapy, Yoga and Meditation, Alternate Therapies, etc are offered in our Residential Rehabilitation Centre in Bangalore, Karnataka. Facilities for the treatment of women alcoholics and addicts is also available. The treatment offered is a four to six month residential programme based on a modified version of the Minnesota model of treatment tailored to suit the ethnicity, language and lifestyle of the individual patient, incorporating the 12-step method of recovery. It also incorporates the 12 step model, Psycho-education, Biblio-therapy, Behaviour Modification Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Individual and Group Counselling and Therapy, Recreational and Occupational therapy, Family Therapy, as well as, Yoga and Meditation and other Alternate Therapies. The programme starts with a 15 day detoxification programme under the care of a psychiatrist in a general hospital setting with a special ward/facility for alcoholics/addicts followed by a 90 to a 120 day stay for rehabilitation, Bangalore, Karnataka and follow-up over a period of one year after discharge from rehabilitation. The programme is holistic and addresses Body, Mind and Spirit and encompasses individual, family and societal dimensions, thus offering complete whole person recovery.